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Empowering the Standing Rock Reservation 

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Supporting education and innovation.


Community Gardens

Each May, we begin to plant, garden and feed the community through building and maintaining garden boxes at elders homes, encouraging  the community to provide for themselves.  We work to engage the youth and elders by teaching traditional gardening practices, allowing  them to spend time with elders. We hope to find Elders who have knowledge of horticultural/agricultural/economical practices, to share traditional stories and wisdom. This way we can send the youth and elders home with fresh vegetables. 

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Construction Internships

Sundance Archer from SSV, a registered contractor, will train young men and women to work on houses. Community members will contribute what they can and any income goes towards people who can't afford supplies in the community. This creates day labor for young men or women on the Reservation as well as skill training.

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Tokata and the Youth

Youth Media

We work to empower the Youth in each district to tell their own stories of beauty and connection to the earth and struggles and hardships. Youth can focus on getting to know their elders and preserving their culture, traditions and language while the older youth can focus on real issues happening in their communities.

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Solar Utility Trailer

“Teaching people how to do green energy without the illusion that it costs a lot.”

— LaDonna Tamakawastewin Allard

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