Last Child's Camp

Yesterday, February 1st, 2018, we had a chance to sit down and talk with Chase about the events that took place at this time last year. We are thankful to all the water protectors who documented these moments. 

"One year ago today, Feb.1, 2017, water protectors conducted a ceremony known as Last Child's Camp. All of those charged were there pursuant to Original sovereignty and the 1851, 1868 treaties between the Lakota and the United States.

Solar Trailer

Sacred Stone Village is proud to present one of our renewable energy projects. Built by Jarod Galvin using many items saved from the illegal Sacred Stone Camp eviction, this utility trailer is able to provide renewable energy (wind & solar inputs), water purification and satellite internet hookups for events, gatherings and camps. We intend to use this demo as a teaching tool and as a showcase for affordable alternatives to fossil fuels. 2.0 is already on the drawing board! Special thanks to Chuck Bannerand Lakota People's Law Project for contributing footage.