Honoring Indigenous Wisdom through Climate Justice

Monday, October 8th is Indigenous Peoples' Day. In honor of our brothers and sisters we put together this peice to begin the month of October. Prayers up that the world will begin to listen. We must stop eduating the wisdom out of our ourselves and connect back to the sacredness of Mother Earth. Begin to listen to her and the Indigenous people who protect the land. Only then will we realize that we are not living, we are surviving. We must all make the choice to rise up in honoring Indigenous Rights and Stand for Climate Justice. It is the key to a truly 100% Renewable Energy Future.

Last month, on the eve of the Global Climate Action Summit, environmental advocates, youth, local community leaders and Indigenous people from around the world converged at Crissy Field, under the iconic Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco. Thank you to everyone who came out and layed thier bodies down for the casue. Prayers up.



Film by Teena Pugliese
Produced by Dancing Without Borders & Spectral Q
Aerial Art by John Quigley of Spectral Q
Image inspired by illustration of Jhon Cortés
Choreography by Magalie Bonneau
Creative Direction by Magalie Bonneau & John Quigley
Music Composed and Performed by Murray Hidary
Edited by Teena Pugliese

Production team 
Magalie Bonneau, lead Producer & creative director 
John Quigley, co-producer and creative director 
Lisa Chacon, lead outreach and logistics 
Jewel Buchanan-Boone, social media, graphic design & media
Catherine Boulos, production coordinator 
Orion Camero, youth outreach 
Joanna Bowzer and the MindTravel team 
Rae Abileah and the Climate Ribbons Team

Videographers & Photographers 
Daniel ‘el Suchi’ Garcia, videographer
Ben Ross, videographer
Alexa Melo, videographer 
David Creech, helicopter video
Bryant Place, drone operator 
Jeffrey Dean, videographer
Lou Dematteis, helicopter photography 
Josh Edelson, drone operator / photographer 
Teena Pugliese, drone operator/videographer

Dance Performance 
Esme Olivia of Earth Dancing

Singing Performances 
Aaron Ableman
The Thrive Street Choir

Special thanks to our Partners 
Invoking the Pause 
Lush Charity Pot 
Namaste Foundation 
Magic Shugar Foundation 
Climate Action Network 
Amazon Watch 
Guardians of the Forest
The Climate Ribbons 
Impact Hub Oakland
Evolution Juice

Special thanks to our volunteers! 
Christine Barrington 
Carter Brooks 
Holly Hodge 
Matt Bauer 
Amy Tucker 
David Bleeden 
Andrea Bowers
Renee Soule 
and many others

Sacred Stone