Winter Clothing Drive for the kids of Standing Rock!

Sacred Stone Village is hard at work continuing the legacy of the #nodapl movement.  As the camps closed down and attention focuses on other struggles, members working with the Village are still standing, on the ground in Standing Rock, listening to locals as to how we can continue to support the community.  

With the changing of the season comes falling temperatures. On Standing Rock, nights are just beginning to reach below freezing.  We are holding this winter clothing drive to assist those with children in preparing for what is expected to be a colder-than-average winter season. We're also excited to collect any sorts of fabric that could be useful in the making of star quilts.   


Many lessons were learned from dealing with the massive outpouring of support during the #nodapl struggle.  In order to avoid the strain on volunteer time, we ask that people please consider the appropriateness of the articles of clothing when choosing what to send (we don't need to spend time sorting through t-shirts and flip-flops).  Please make sure to send new or lightly used clothing that can withstand the harsh winds and sub-zero temperatures we experience here on the open prairie.  Heavy wool hats, gloves, socks, and base layers are the best defense against the elements.  We need items of all sizes, infant through XXL. Water and windproof outer layers are key to keep kids nice and dry.  Waterproof insulated boots of all sizes are appreciated.

Sacred Stone Village is committed to continuing to stand with the members of Standing Rock.  We are busy making plans to open our sustainable village in the spring of 2018.  We hope to be able to give the children of Standing Rock a place to reconnect with nature, a place to practice culture and tradition and learn ways to exist in harmony with Unci Maka.  In the meantime, we look forward to continuing to support community events, like our harvest dinner at the end of October.  Stay tuned for more details.

Sacred Stone